The CMP Outpatient Center

for the Treatment of Vascular Disease

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of being treated at the CMP Outpatient Center rather than the hospital?  

In addition to exceptional personal attention and care with the latest technology, the Outpatient Center provides substantial financial and time-saving benefits:

  • The Center provides an efficient preregistration system so you will spend minimum time checking-in.
  • Your procedure will not be preempted. The Outpatient Center is based on a schedule-only system. Therefore your procedure will not be postponed due to emergency procedures. 
  • Because there is no overnight stay, the cost to the patient and the insurance company is dramatically lower than the cost of the same procedure at the hospital. 

What is the time-line the day of my procedure?

Check-in and Preparation: You will be asked to check-in about an hour before your scheduled procedure time. Our receptionist will review your forms and finalize any information that may need to be completed, and direct you to the Patient Area for the preparation process. Here, you will receive a sedative, be connected to a machine that will monitor your vital signs, start an IV through your arm, and clean and prep the procedure entry area.

The Procedure: Most procedures are one to two hours.

Recovery: You will be continually monitored in the Recovery Area for a minimum of four hours.

Will I be awake during the procedure?

Yes. The minimally invasive procedures we perform do not require general anesthesia. We may administer a calming sedative about thirty minutes before starting the procedure. You will be awake, but somewhat groggy.

How much pain will I experience?

Before and during the procedure, we administer the appropriate local anesthetic and additional sedatives through the IV to eliminate pain. After the procedure, you may experience some tenderness in the groin area where we insert the catheter and device. This tenderness may last a day or two.

Can a family member be with me during the procedure?

Because we operate in a sterile environment, we cannot allow family members to be present during the procedure. 

How can I be sure that I am ready to be discharged?

The doctors and medical staff follow stringent guidelines when making the decision when it is safe to discharge our patients.

Would I ever have to spend the night?

The minimally invasive procedures we perform do not require an overnight stay. 

What should I expect when I get home?

To ensure that the puncture site does not bleed, we strongly recommend that our patients refrain from strenuous activities such as climbing stairs, exercising, excessive bending or sitting and standing, for at least 24 hours.

When can I start resuming normal activities?

Depending of they type of procedure performed, most patients can resume their normal activities after a few days. However, your doctor will give you specific instructions when you are discharged.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept PPO insurance and Medicare.